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The Ferrari Portofino takes over the reins from the California T in the Prancing Horse's lineup to fill the role as a sporty roadster with a folding hardtop for year-round drivability and a tiny rear seat that allows for carrying more than two people in a pinch. The firm has started taking orders for the droptop, and a user on Ferrari Chat got ahold of the full options list, including prices.

The money that Ferrari charges for some of these extras is absolutely astounding, especially when they are features like Apple CarPlay and folding seatbacks that are standard features on many everyday cars. Even minor accessories like floor mats cost over a thousand dollars.

Click through the gallery to see the huge prices that Ferrari buyers pay for amenities in their new Portofino. The list goes from the least to most egregious items, including a common infotainment feature that Ferrari charges $4,219 for.

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Source: Ferrari Chat

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