See a glimpse of a hot rod pickup racing a previous-gen Ford GT.

What does it take to build a car in your garage that can beat the best modern supercars? A new Netlfix series called Fastest Car aims to show viewers the hard work necessary to topple an automotive giant with a homebuilt machine. It premieres on April 6.

According to Netflix's description, each hour-long episode will feature three tuned vehicles taking on a supercar. The trailer for the series (above) mostly shows the cars drag racing against each other, but it at least hints that some of the challenges might take place on a racing circuit, too. 

Highlights From The Automotive Aftermarket:

The range of machines on display, at least in the trailer, is generally the type of vehicles you would expect to see someone building in a garage. There are lots of tuned pickups, including a great looking hot rod, and some more modern muscle like a 90s Chevrolet Impala SS and 80s Monte Carlo. A modded Honda Odyssey minivan is an odd sight, though. Meanwhile the supercars include a mix of Ferraris and Lamborghinis, including one in a hideous chrome wrap, but a previous generation Ford GT makes an appearance, too.

Unfortunately, the trailer suggests that the show might follow the familiar reality show trope of trying too hard to inject personality onto the cast. The video portrays the folks with homebuilt machines as underdogs. Conversely, the supercar owners come off as pompous, ostentatious jerks that don't really understand their vehicles. A brief snippet even has a Lamborghini driver talking about learning about his car on YouTube.

Extensively modifying a car to this level of performance requires an admirable effort involving hard work, careful planning, and long hours. Perhaps, the real show mostly highlights this labor of love, and the contrived conflict with supercar owners is just something for the show's trailer.

Source: Netflix

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