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It’s a story we’ve all heard before. Man buys wrecked ex-custom pizza delivery car, makes videos about rebuilding the car, then unnamed individuals tell man he must sell them the car over alleged trademark infringements. Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly a story we’ve heard much, or at all for that fact. It is, however, one of those blood-boiling, David-versus-Goliath sagas that at the very least deserves a bit of recognition.

Here’s the story as we know it thus far. A YouTube car guy by the name of Samcrac has a channel where he, for the most part, buys wrecked cars and rebuilds them. A few months back he happened upon a curiously equipped Chevrolet Spark wearing the colors of Domino’s Pizza and carrying a built-in pizza warming oven in back. Yes, it’s one of the special DXP delivery cars the company put together a few years ago.

There are other ways to get your pizza delivered:

At some point this particular model was wrecked and was purchased through a Copart auction by Samcrac, who says the deal the was completely legal with all the proper paperwork. He set about rebuilding the car (on camera, of course) but shortly thereafter a person allegedly contacted YouTube about his videos violating trademark laws. Samcrac claims the accuser was using a Gmail account and was “affiliated with the company this car represents,” which allegedly is Domino’s for obvious reasons. After reviewing YouTube’s guidelines on trademarks and copyrights, he felt he’d done no wrong, and it could well be that YouTube agreed since the company does have the ability to remove videos over trademark violations, but did not do so in the case.

Domino's Pizza Chevy Spark DXP Car
Domino's Pizza Chevy Spark DXP Car

Later still (Samcrac doesn’t offer a specific timeline), the YouTuber says an “individual” contacted him about selling the car; an offer which Samcrac turned down. Long story short, that allegedly evolved into a demand that he either sell the car at the stated offer or face legal action over trademark infringement. As for what that legal action entails, Samcrac says this individual or entity (he’s quite vague in the video, which we expect is for legal reasons) wants the car. In a letter, Samcrac alleges he was given a document to sign that didn’t just include verbiage on selling the car, but also stipulations that could control how he produced his YouTube content. Yikes.

Other interesting legal news:

It probably goes without saying that he didn’t sign the paperwork. Instead, he took to social media and launched a GoFundMe campaign to help with legal fees, but in a notice on the page Samcrac says he’s already been offered assistance and has since shut the donations down.

Of course we’re only privy to one side of the story thus far so we have no idea where the specific legal action against Samcrac is coming from. One thing we can say, however, is that Domino’s could be facing a pretty terrific PR disaster over someone simply rebuilding one of the company’s quirky delivery cars on YouTube.

We’ve reached out to Samcrac for the latest and will update as more information becomes available.

Source: Samcrac via YouTube, Reddit

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