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You already know Mercedes is now in the business of creating YouTube lists in search of those sweet, sweet internet views and clicks. There’s no better way to relay information to a hungry digital consumer than breaking things down into an easily-digestible listicle. So far, Mercedes has touched on its five must-have features, its top-five convertibles, and five untold stories from the automaker’s illustrious past. Now, Mercedes has a list of its must-have AMG features.

Number five is drift mode, which sends extra power to the rear wheels, putting “fun back into corners” because we all know pedestrian crosswalks and annoying-long red lights are the opposite of fun. Number four is the AMG Track Pace App, a suite of features designed to record lap times, acceleration times, and video to share later with friends and law enforcement for when they come knocking after you errantly uploaded your parking-lot burnouts to YouTube.

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Three is launch control, giving any AMG Mercedes full power to the tires for an optimal start off the line. Number two is the Mercedes-AMG 4Matic all-wheel-drive system that allows power to be sent to all four wheels for maximum traction or to just two wheels for maximum fun. The choice is yours.

The number one must-have AMG feature is the 4.0-liter biturbo V8 engine, the pumping heart of the AMG lineup. Is this any real surprise?  Without the powerful engine under the hood, AMG would just be another acronym instead of the menacing performance-tuned nameplate is today.

Whether you love or hate these series of video Mercedes is putting out, you do have to enjoy the quick-hitting information. Yes, sometimes the videos feel more like an advertisement than a peek behind the curtain, but at least the automaker is trying something new and fun. What’s the next top-five list you would like to see Mercedes make?

Source: Mercedes-Benz via YouTube

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