Our office was overflowing – inside and out – with priceless prancing horses.

Our friends at MotorGT, purveyors of the finest exotic and high-end vehicles on the web, hooked up with Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale recently for a rally down to Miami in a caravan of prancing horses (plus a Viper ACR and some Maseratis).

The short jaunt down Florida's I-95 created more rubber necks than a screaming chicken factory, but it was nothing compared to the scene at Motor1.com's offices in Miami where they stopped en route to Miami's Midtown Concours, their final destination.

What? You didn't know we have offices in Detroit and Miami? You're in for a treat. Check out the video above for a quick tour, and don't forget to visit MotorGT when you make your first million. This video should be enough motivation to get you there by the weekend.

Gallery: MotorGT Rally to Motor1.com Miami Office

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