Toto's 1982 hit Africa is going through an inexplicable resurgence, including appearances in popular videos online like a celebrity music video and metal cover. Now, you can listen to an 8-bit demake of the song whenever the door of your Volvo 240 opens. Welcome to 2018 where it's possible to a new version of an over 30-year-old song as if it's playing from 30-year-old technology in your roughly 30-year-old car.

The 8-bit arrangement of Africa comes from the YouTube channel 8 Bit Universe, which takes popular songs and remakes them to sound like what could come out of a 1980s computer or video game console. On Youtube, the video of just the song playing (below) has over 544,000 views as of this writing.

Volvo 240 fanatic Chris Ng liked the song so much that he made it his door chime. The process of switching out the regular door chime with Africa looks extremely easy. Owners just need to access the area inside the dashboard under the steering wheel. A blue box controls the sound and plugging in a new one allows for a quick change in tunes.

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Ng is helping other Volvo 240 owners modify their door chime, too. He has a Kickstarter campaign for selling these custom boxes. Buyers can then add whatever song that they want to hear. The campaign requires a $30 pledge to get one, and the funding already exceeds the goal.

Hearing the opens bars of Africa would certainly be more pleasant than the usual high-pitched door chime. However, it might achieve the opposite of making you want to close the door because the song has an amazing chorus, even for this 8-bit version.

Source: 8 Bit Universe via YouTube, Kickstarter

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