Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet is the "Best Automobile in the World", So Say 95,000 People

About 95 000 readers of the German publication Auto motor und sport have unanimously chosen the Porsche 911 Carrera as the “Best Automobile in the World” for its category of drop-top. These awards have become a second nature for Porsche, as its 911 Turbos and Cabriolets have won 37 best trophies since the start of the awards back in 1977. This fact, along with the 911’s basic shape, seems to have remained the same for 31 years then.

Important recognition for Porsche from one of the most influential magazines in the motor industry, especially considering that 49 other convertibles and cabriolets (depending on where you live) were soundly beaten, again, in this category. In the awards’ history a Porsche has either won a category, or taken second place where it was entered, which seems like a really good record to beat.

One area where Porsche pride themselves but have never really been recognised by expert scribes is in the World Engine of the Year competition. Perhaps this year they will go one better than last year and win two. It would be interesting if an Italian version of the magazine appeared, just to see what sort of vehicles would win.

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