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The company Eadon Green made a name for itself at last year’s Geneva Motor Show with the Rolls-Royce-based Black Cuillin. Like the Morgan Aero 8, and others before it, the Black Cuillin featured a retro body built atop a modern frame. But Eadon Green has returned to Geneva in 2018 – this time with a vehicle far sportier than its predecessor.

Dubbed the Zeclot, the retro-tastic coupe shares a number of visual cues with the previous Black Cuillin, but rides on the same platform as a C7 Corvette Grand Sport. That means there’s a high-powered V8 hiding somewhere underneath that carbon fiber body. The Zeclot puts down the same 460 horsepower (343 kilowatts) and 465 pound-feet (630 Newton-meters) of torque you’ll find on the Corvette.

Speaking with Road & Track at the Geneva Motor Show, founder and CEO Felix Eaton said that the small outfit has the ability to produce about 25 cars per year. At that limited production run, each one would cost around £550,000. That number would jump to around £1,000,000 if the shop decided to build just five of them.

Eadon Green al Salone di Ginevra 2018
Eadon Green al Salone di Ginevra 2018

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"In terms of pricing, it’s basically the tooling and the building costs, divided by the number of customers," said Eaton in the interview. "So, if we did 25 cars, probably £550,000. If we built five cars, a million. And somebody may pay a million. We have customers, one in Geneva, one in Canada who are waiting and want to pay two million for a Black Cuillin."


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While most of the production details surrounding the Zeclot are still pretty vague, it appears Eaton and his team are adamant on bringing the sporty coupe to production. Already there are a handful of customers interested in taking home the retro vehicle. The Black Cuillin, meanwhile, isn’t likely to reach the production line anytime soon.

"The Black Cuillin would take about another two million (pounds) to finish, if I was going to finish it for production," said Eaton. "I decided that it was never gonna be an economic situation with that car, so I’m just gonna finish that one car for myself, and the cost of developing that car will be used to produce the Zeclat."

Source: Zeclat via Road & Track


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