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An amazing video captured bystanders in Miami, Florida, attempting to stop a hit-and-run driver from fleeing the scene of an accident on Sunday, March 11. Police eventually took a 25-year-old motorist into custody for the alleged incident.

The clip appears to start just shortly after the collision. An Infiniti QX70 is on the wrong side of the road after crashing into a sedan. The SUV is in nasty shape, including the front fender hanging off the body and bumper in similarly bad condition. The vehicle leaves a puddle of fluid on the road, too.


The Infiniti backs away while people bang on the windows in an attempt to get the driver to stop, but the guy just keeps driving. Other motorists even try to block the SUV. However, the guy gets away briefly only to run into a traffic jam around the corner. At one point, a guy even exits a white van with a hammer and starts breaking the QX70's windows. This isn't enough for the driver to give up either. He finds a hole in the traffic and accelerates away. Several other people follow him, though.

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According to the local WTVJ NBC 6 News, police spotted the Infiniti driver but didn't start a high-speed pursuit because the city has a no-chase policy for non-violent crimes. A Fire Rescue crew eventually treated the man and drove him back to the scene for law enforcement to take him into custody, WPLG ABC 10 News reported.

The guy now faces charges of reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, causing property damage, and fleeing and eluding a police officer.


Source: WTVJ NBC 6 News, WPLG ABC 10 News, Ivan Parron via Facebook

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