It will be the first Brabham car in 26 years.

Brabham has revealed that its new car will be called the BT62, in yet another teaser ahead of the brand’s big reveal at the beginning of May.

The company says that the name of the new car follows a tradition of the F1 team that goes back to 1961 – when Jack Brabham and Ron Tauranac first began designing and manufacturing cars together – of using the two founders’ initials along with a chassis numbering code that is specific to each car. 

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The latest carmaker on the block cites some of the racing team’s greats, from the BT7, which was the first Brabham to win a Formula 1 race, to the BT19 car, which made motorsport history as the first F1 car that won a world championship bearing its driver’s name. The BT46B "fan car" was a legendary racer that upset the status quo, using Gordon Murray's ingenious design talents, and the BT52 was the first turbocharged car to win an F1 world title. 

Managing director David Brabham – the 52-year-old youngest son of three-time F1 champion Sir Jack Brabham, said:

"I am thrilled to announce Brabham BT62 as the name of Brabham Automotive’s first project. With more than 700 racing cars produced since its inception in the 1960s, the Brabham marque boasts a remarkable heritage, so to see the first Brabham in 26 years wear the iconic BT designation will be a huge moment in our history."

Brabham insists that its car is more than a vanity exercise – the manufacturer says that its new BT62 has already been through an extensive engineering program and is close to the end of an intensive testing process shortly before its global reveal, which takes place on Wednesday, May 2.

The Brabham family tried a crowdfunding project back in 2014 to get the iconic name back on the race track, which was ultimately unsuccessful. Little is known about the current road car project, but all will hopefully be revealed on May 2. 

Source: Brabham

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Brabham Automotive has today released a new video hinting at the performance potential of the Brabham BT62, which will be unveiled on Wednesday 2 May 2018.

Captured during high-speed dynamic testing, the distinctive sound of the new Brabham engine at full throttle showcases a car that has been built to set blistering lap-times.

Unquestionably fast, but about far more than outright speed, the Brabham BT62 is resolutely focused on uncompromising performance, handling and driver involvement. Born from a unique and historic racing pedigree, Brabham Automotive’s first car has been designed and engineered to demand more from the driver and reward the limited few who will rise to its challenge.

A uniquely ‘Brabham’ vehicle in design, purpose and character, the Brabham BT62 marries echoes of the marque’s illustrious past with technology to harmonise driver and vehicle performance.

Managing Director, David Brabham, who has been heavily involved in honing the character of the Brabham BT62 said: “Since my father first took to the track in 1948, the Brabham philosophy has always seen drivers extract every ounce of available performance from their cars, and themselves. That same spirit lives strong within Brabham Automotive today, and its first project, the Brabham BT62, honours the legacy of the cars that have previously carried the iconic Brabham name.”

Fully developed and ready for its global debut on Wednesday 2 May 2018, the Brabham BT62 is the first project to come out of the recently launched Brabham Automotive, and marks the next chapter in the evolving story of one of the most celebrated and evocative names in motor racing history.