Horsepower is just one part of the equation.

Remember that 1,000-horsepower Mercedes-AMG 63 from a few weeks ago? It’s back again thanks to a new video from AutoTopNL, but this time it’s rocketing down the Autobahn. It starts out as leisurely enough. All that changes when a silver AMG GT R pulls up alongside.

It’s good to remember the G63 has 1,000 hp under the hood. The two drive along through traffic, but once the road clears the GT R blasts off with the G63 in tow. It doesn’t take long to realize that even with 1,000 hp under the hood, the G63 simply doesn’t have the performance to compete. If the AMG GT R is unmodified, it’s pushing nearly 600 hp.

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The difference between the two is top speed. In the previous video, the G63 tops out at 260 kilometers per hour (162 miles per hour). On the Autobahn, the G63 tops out at the same speed again. The AMG GT R, however, has a top speed of 341 kph (212 mph). Take that difference and add in the fact the G63 lacks any sort of aerodynamic advantage, and it’s no surprise the GT R disappears down the road. Eventually, the G63 does catch up once the GT R gets caught in some traffic.

A flat-out drag race between the two still wouldn’t be kind to the boxy G63. Performance is more than just horsepower, and the race to keep up with the Mercedes-AMG GT R is proof a 1,000-hp G62 isn’t even worthy competition. So, the next time you’re at a car meet, and someone is boasting about horsepower, just remember this video. It doesn’t matter the numbers a car is producing if it can’t properly take advantage of the power.

Source: AutoTopNL via YouTube

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