This could have been much worse.

Stadium Super Trucks racing is exciting. The tight courses, jumps, and over-powered trucks make for great entertainment, especially when things get hairy. This is precisely what happened at the South Australian Stadium Super Trucks race in Adelaide.

As is with most Stadium Super Trucks races, the last lap of a race is often a chaotic mess of metal and machine as drivers jostle for a better position before crossing the finish line. If something is going to go wrong, it often goes wrong during the last lap.

At the Adelaide race, things do go wrong during the last lap right near the finish line. One truck attempts to pass, takes a ramp at a terrible angle and rockets far off the racing line. The truck angles awkwardly in the air before coming down hard on the right rear wheel, sheering it off completely, and sending the front end of the truck into the wall.

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But the crash doesn’t slow the truck down. Without its rear right, the truck begins spinning wildly toward the finish line. Smoke billows as the truck spins around and around, slowly inching toward the finish. Trucks zoom past, somehow missing the spinning truck as they try to finish without crashing.

Once the truck crosses the line, the driver lays off the accelerator, coming to a stop along the wall, out of the way of the last few trucks that finish. From the looks of it, the driver was unscathed in the crash, though it’s safe to say he’s at least a tad dizzy.  

This video is an excellent introduction to the sport if you’ve never watched Stadium Super Trucks before. It’s crazy and exciting to watch. And well worth your time. There are more than a few videos out there highlighting the craziness of the race series.

Source: Moto Fever2 via YouTube

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