The Supra might not get a hybrid option, either.

The new Toyota Supra continues to be one of the most anticipated vehicles on the horizon. Unfortunately, Toyota barely whet the motoring world's appetite by showing the race car concept because the company offered few details about the production model. In a discussion with Autoguide, Toyota chief engineer Tetsuya Tada was able to reveal a few more tiny bits of info about the upcoming performance coupe. 

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The Supra could be quite a sharp handler. According to Tada, the model has twice the body rigidity and a lower center of gravity than a Toyota 86. Plus, the new vehicle has a 50/50 front-rear weight balance. He tells Autoguide that the cabin has a pure two-seater layout, rather than a very cramped 2+2 like previous generations.

Tada also indicated that Toyota had learned some lessons from the 86 for the Supra's turbocharged inline-six powertrain. The company specifically made sure that the mill was easily tunable, so that the company could increase the output, if necessary. Tada also suggested to Autoguide that rumors about a the company building hybrid Supra weren't entirely certain. The model might not necessarily happen. 

The Toyota exec also hints that the company's Gazoo Racing division might have its own variant of the Supra on the way. "This GR Supra Racing Concept is a concept car, but its the first concept model of the first production car that would go under the GR model, and that’s important," he told Autoguide.

The latest rumors suggest that Toyota would debut the Supra in production form at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2019. Other execs says that the model uses a BMW-sourced biturbo inline-six but with adjusted tuning. 

Source: Autoguide

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