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Remember the MiTo? The small Alfa Romeo hatchback named after the Italian cities of Milano and Torino has been around since 2008 with a few updates in-between, but the model never really caught on with the audience. A decade later, the front-wheel-drive hatch is still alive, though not exactly kicking. FCA supremo Sergio Marchionne has hinted that while the MiTo will cease to exist in its current configuration, the name could solider on for an entirely different model:

“If there is a MiTo [in future] I don't think it will be in the [current] shape. The market has shrunk – two-door B-segment hatchbacks is a very shrinking market.”

Auto Express has it on good authority the MiTo’s new identity could be a crossover to allow Alfa Romeo bank on the continuously increasing demand for such vehicles. For the very same reason, a big SUV set to be positioned above the Stelvio will be out towards the end of the decade as the company’s largest model and with a mild hybrid powertrain packing 400 hp.

Getting back to the MiTo, Marchionne admitted the current car offers limited practicality while Alfa's boss Reid Bigland mentioned that overall, it’s not on the same level as the new arrivals  Giulia and Stelvio. He said the same thing about the Giulietta, which is still expected to get a new generation in the same body style. Alfa's chief declared the company has no intentions of selling the MiTo and Giulietta – at least not in their current iterations - in the United States or China as the two (aging) products mainly suit European tastes.

Speaking of Europe, Alfa’s head honcho admitted the plan is to shift some of the focus from the old continent towards global markets, specifically to North America and China. This is the reason why the MiTo and Giulietta do not rank high on the firm’s agenda right now since these two models are simply too small for the U.S. and the People’s Republic.

Source: Alfa Romeo via Auto Express

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