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The Geneva Motor Show is a bit different from many automotive industry events because it puts major automakers, boutique brands, and aftermarket tuners under one roof to show their wares. An easy way to stand out in this ocean of automobiles is to make an outrageous, attention-grabbing claim – like about your vehicle's horsepower.

For a company like Ferrari or Lamborghini, there's nothing really wrong with reporting huge numbers because there's no concern about them building a powerplant capable of producing these impressive figures. 

However, many smaller companies seem to try to get noticed by making a horsepower claim that strains belief. We want to believe that these figures are accurate, but some firms make it very difficult. 


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Rather than just listing the ten (11 with a tie) most powerful vehicles premiering in Geneva this year, this time we consider just how realistic it is for a vehicle with these claims to arrive on the road. 

As a caveat, this list leaves off tuned vehicles from aftermarket companies. It also doesn't include pure concepts. For example, the Pininfarina HK GT has a claimed output of 1,073 horsepower, but the design firm is clear that the vehicle is not intended for production. Therefore, you won't see it here.

Top 10 classics in Geneva:

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