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A brand-spanking-new Volkswagen Touareg is coming for the 2019 model year, and it’s slated for an official reveal in a few weeks. Specifically, the tarp will come off the new machine on March 23 at an event in Beijing, China – the hub of the world’s largest car market and a place where SUVs are in serious demand.


To get us ready, VW offers up a short video reminding us of the Touareg’s history. Much of the footage shows the beefy SUV in some manner of off-road excursion, including its racing success in the Dakar Rally. Volkswagen also reminds us that a fully autonomous version came out in 2005, though it was most decidedly not for public use. Similarly, the video states how the SUV’s power “rivals the power of a Boeing aircraft,” with the famous clip of a Touareg pulling an inert 747 jumbo jet.

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Then again we’ve seen people pull jets, and while the Touareg’s rare V10 TDI engine option with its 553 pound-feet (750 Newton-meters) of torque was impressive, something tells us the 747 with roughly 60,000 pounds of thrust per engine would win in a power-on tug-of-war.

One thing that also sticks out in this retrospective is just how much the Touareg’s overall design has not changed since its 2002 debut. Updates through the years have certainly been conservative, and with spy photos of the 2019 model (featured below) showing us pretty much the whole enchilada, that conservative approach continues. It is, however, very much an all-new offering underneath. It’s slightly larger but upwards of 10 kilograms (220 pounds) lighter thanks to the new MLB Evo platform underneath.

Similarly, inside won’t look extremely different, but it will be packed full of technology including a digital instrument cluster and massive touchscreen infotainment display. Power should increase too, but it still won’t be enough to match a jumbo jet at idle, never mind full throttle.

VW has sold nearly 1 million Touaregs, and with the changes we’ve seen thus far, there’s a good change the new model will be just as popular as the old. We’ll find out on March 23.

Source: Volkswagen

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