The concept will join the digital racing world as an add-on for Gran Turismo Sport next month.

As we’re all certainly aware by now, the Toyota Supra is sort-of officially back. On Tuesday at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show the covers were literally pulled away from the Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept, and though it’s officially a concept, the entire world knows the production car won’t be far behind. Exactly how far isn’t yet known, but for those beyond eager to see the new Supra in action, Toyota has this new video (above) showing the concept “in action.”  

We say “in action” because the video is obviously a digital creation. That doesn’t mean it’s not cool – it’s a freaking work of art, and though we don’t have any details on exactly how it was made, our keen video gaming senses see quite a bit of Gran Turismo Sport in the mix. We know the Supra Racing Concept is headed for the popular PS4 racing title in April, so superfans will at least be able to sample a digital concept version of this hotly anticipated car. This video offers something a bit more than just a digital glimpse at the concept car, however.

Gallery: Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept Video Screenshots

Scattered through the short clip are shots of the concept not dressed in its edgy racing livery. Without realizing it, that paint job can actually help disguise the car’s body lines to casual observers. That's why we paused the video at just the right spots for screen grabs of this digital car wearing just single shades of paint. We’re not saying there’s a world of difference to behold, but one does get a very different perspective of the concept without the origami color scheme. It looks cleaner, and meaner, and yeah, it seriously looks like a Supra.

We’ve seen countless spy photos of the road car, and now we obviously have the concept car to fuss over. Toyota’s only hint as to when the production Supra will be revealed has thus far been “soon.” That could happen at a major auto show such as Frankfurt later this year, or in a stand-alone launch at Toyota’s whim. In the meantime, revisit Supra with this second video posted by Toyota, which takes us back through the model's storied history.


Source: Toyota via YouTube, 2

Gallery: Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

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