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It's now official.  Professional race car driver Ben Collins has been identified through the High Court of London as, The Stig.  Last week the BBC filed an injunction to block the publication of Collin's autobiography revealing his role of The Stig for the past seven years.  Unfortunately, the injunction was denied.

The secret identity of the mystery race ace has been a great marketing success for the Top Gear publication and television show.  With hoax viral Internet campaigns and a heavy dose of Stig merchandising, the BBC naturally want to perpetuate the charade.  However, the lighthearted tone of court proceedings suggest this is all part of an elaborate plan to maximize media coverage for the both parties involved.

Remember, the person who previously played the Stig character, Perry McCarthy, also revealed his role as The Stig via his autobiography called Flat Out, Flat Broke.  Coincidence?

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