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Koenigsegg's next hypercar already exists in virtual reality, but unless you're one of the firm's ultra-wealthy potential customers, then don't expect to see it until next year's Geneva Motor Show. Company boos Christian von Koenigsegg hints that the new model is worth the wait, though.

"We have a replacement car coming after the Agera RS. The Regera is, let’s say, the best car we can build for ‘normal road use.' It’s a kind of GT car," Koenigsegg told Top Gear. "The replacement for the Agera, Agera RS, and One:1 is not a hyper-GT. It’s more race-like. It’s even more capable than the Agera RS."

The hardcore model retains a removable roof panel and dihedral doors like previous Koenigsegg vehicles, though.


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The unnamed new hypercar would use an upgraded version of the brand's existing biturbo V8. Without going into specific details, Koenigsegg indicated to Top Gear that the company has managed to make the powerplant stronger and 44 pounds (20 kilograms) lighter. He hinted the team has already boosted output by 20 to 30 horsepower, indicating the 5.0-liter biturbo mill could now produce at least 1,390 horsepower (1,037 kilowatts). With lots of more time for further development, an even higher output seems possible for the upcoming model.

With more power, less weight, and an even more hardcore layout, the new Koenigsegg might be able to top the 277.9 mile-per-hour (444.6 kilometers per hour) record of the Agera RS (gallery below).

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It would be intriguing if Koenigsegg could finally introduce its cam-less engine technology to a hypercar. The system from sister company FreeValve replaces camshafts with pneumatic-hydraulic-electronic actuators for operating the valves. The innovation allegedly allows for a significant boost in output and creates for a lighter, more compact engine removing much of the traditional timing components.

Source: Top Gear 

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