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Rumors about the Volkswagen Beetle’s possible demise have been swirling around the Internet for a few years and it’s now pretty much a certainty. In an interview with Autocar at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show, the company’s R&D chief Frank Welsch confirmed the cutesy Bug will drive off into the sunset after this generation, with no replacement in sight.

The Beetle's Future:

The R&D head honcho motivated the decision by saying “two or three generations is enough now” as VW can’t simply come out with “a new new new Beetle.” The convertible’s role in the lineup will be occupied by the recently announced T-Roc Convertible, which will also serve as a substitute for the discontinued Eos as well as the droptop Golf. The crossover convertible is going to be launched in 2020 following an investment of nearly $100 million at the Osnabrück factory where the unusual vehicle will be put together.

Brought back to life in 1997 as the New Beetle and refreshed in 2011 when it lost the “New” from its name, the Beetle is basically the oldest model in VW’s lineup right now (along with the up! launched the same year) taking into account the third-generation Scirocco launched in 2008 was axed back in November 2017.

The fact that the Beetle will be axed sooner or later won’t put an end to VW’s retro-inspired offerings as the folks from Wolfsburg have plans for a modern revival of the Type T2 in the shape of the electric I.D. Buzz due to hit the market in 2022. It’s not known at this point when the Beetle will be put out to pasture, but you might want to get one while you still can…

It’s worth mentioning there have been some rumors about an electric rear-wheel-drive Beetle with a retro-flavored design, although we wouldn’t get our hopes up too high just yet.

Source: Volkswagen via Autocar

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