New details confirmed and alleged are flying across the web.  One specialty site on the cusp of everything GT-R is reporting the 2012 GT-R will have between 530 and 540 PS. has stated a reliable source close to Nissan has informed them of this information as well as an R35 GT-R "Gentleman’s Edition” for the Japanese market that will be called the Nissan GT-R Egoist.  Sounds a bit far fetched, however, there are some new details that sound convincing.

The chassis has been significantly revised warranting a new chassis designation from CBA-R35 to DBA-R35.  The changes includes stronger support members along the cowl panel (firewall) and inside the engine bay a new strut tower brace extends to the cowl panel as show in the attached images.  The new chassis also requires changing the suspension geometry as seen in new lower control arms, repositioned stabiliser bar and changed shock absorber angles. The result is a castor angle change from 5°35 to 6°00.  Also, the absorbers receive an aluminium free piston design as well as spring, damper and valve rate changes allowing the suspension to react faster to changes in surface and direction. The result is greater stability and road feedback for drivers.

In the unsprung suspension department, wheels, brakes and tires are also revised.  Brake rotor size is increased from 380mm to 390mm while newly designed Rays forged aluminum wheels shed an amazing 3 kg (6.6 lbs) each wheel.  Two sets of tires will be available from Bridgestone and Dunlop with the RE070R R2 and the SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT, respectively.

Aerodynamic changes include a revised front bumper, rear diffuser and rear underspoiler reducing drag while increasing downforce as much as 10 percent.  New rear vents help channel heat from the GT-R's exhaust away from the rear differential allowing the transmission fluid to operate at a lower temperature.  While redesigning the rear bumper diffuser, engineers took the opportunity to fit an EU mandated flog light by inserting an LED strip.

The car is expected to be unveiled later this year, so stay tuned to WCF for continuing coverage.

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