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Mercedes is running a video series on its YouTube channel where the automaker makes a quick-hitting list of something automotive related. Mercedes has already named its top five luxury cars and given us five untold stories from the automakers illustrious past. The latest list the company has conjured up is the top five must-have features in a car. This list doesn’t feel as fun as the others, but there are still a few hidden gems. Let’s just say if we were putting together this list, each would have been a different AMG engine. But that’s just us.

The fifth must-have feature to kick off the list is multi-contour seats. Nothing says luxury like comfort for your rump. The seats are followed by Crosswind Assist, a system designed for large Mercedes vehicles like the Sprinter van to assist the driver in keeping control of the vehicle in high-wind driving situations.

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The third must-have feature is an allergy-free interior. Mercedes uses cabin filters to help filter out agitating pollen particles. Anyone with severe allergies would appreciate this technology. The number two must-have feature in a Mercedes is the company’s Magic Ride Control. The system scans the road ahead of the car, which then sends that data to the suspension so that it can smooth out the ride.

The number one must-have feature that tops the list is Mercedes Fit and Healthy. The system monitors driver vitals such as heart rate through sensors in the steering wheel. This last one may seem a bit intrusive, but a healthy driver is a safe driver.

Not every list is going to be exciting. If anything, these are tiny ads for the automaker to not only inform the public about its history but new and exciting features as well. Entertaining and informative are a great combination.

Source: Mercedes-Benz via YouTube

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