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For some people, keeping secrets is not such an easy thing to do.  To his credit, race car driver Ben Collins kept his alter ego, The Stig, secret for over six and a half years.

Unfortunately, revealing a secret sometimes leads to consequences.  As punishment for violating a non disclosure agreement, the BBC has reportedly fired Collins.  Collins has had a deal in the works to write a tell-all book for publishing company HarperCollins in which he reveals behind-the-scenes details about Top Gear.

The BBC has also sued HarperCollins to prevent the book's publication.  The publishing firm claims the BBC is wasting money, while Top Gear executive producer Any Wilman says it is ridiculous for the publisher to go after cash by revealing a "harmless" mystery.

What lies in the balance is the fate of the White Stig.  When the Black Stig was revealed to be race driver Perry McCarthy after McCarthy wrote his autobiography, Top Gear killed off the character.  Could a new Stig be on the way, will the Black Stig finally emerge from the water, or will the White Stig live to see another day.

We should find out the truth by the time Top Gear Series 16 begins in November.

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