Spinning while exiting a corner in a race car is generally a recipe for disaster because there's generally a wall to end your day at the track in spectacular fashion. During a recent recently qualifying session for the Audi LMS Cup Adelaide, Australia, driver Yasser Shahin somehow rotated his R8 race car in a 720-degree double spin without doing any damage to the vehicle. He actually had quite a good day after the stunt. 

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Sahin's bad time starts as soon as he exits the corner and within a few feet his R8 is already facing sideways. The car spins quickly from there but maintains a course that's a safe distance from the wall. As the vehicle is finishing its second rotation, the speed is low enough that Sahin can regain control. 

He takes the rest of the course slowly after the double spin, probably due to the combination of his tires being used up and to regain composure. He then immediately enters the pits for fresh rubber.

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Don't think that this spin is an indication that Sahin is a poorly skilled racer. According to Audi's qualifying report, his best time was the fourth fastest lap during the 20 minute session. The company explained his thrilling experience: "An error from Shahin, who was seeking the limits of both an unfamiliar car and the track, saw him spectacularly spin his Audi R8 LMS GT3. He controlled the pirouetting car expertly to keep it clear of the barriers, and continued the session."

Starting on the second row would have been impressive enough after such a big moment on the track, but Sahin performed even better in the qualifying session determining the order for the second race. He managed to take pole for the event with a top qualifying time of 1:21.732

Source: CrashRacing via YouTube, Reddit, Audi Motorsport

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