It's okay to admit you like some of these.

It’s time for another flight-of-fancy in the wonderful world of completely fictional and often bizarre off-road vehicle renders. The subject of fish-out-of-water 4x4 creations isn’t an unfamiliar one, but it does tend to be a favorite among car fans simply for the sheer outrageousness of seeing a lifted Ferrari tooling around a southern Georgia swamp, looking to capture some alligator footage on a GoPro. Yes, that means we’ll get around to a four-wheelin’ Ferrari in the slideshow and yes, it even has a GoPro.

These renders come from Budget Direct, an Australian-based insurance company. Every now and again an interesting blog post like this comes up on the company website, and what can we say? We love seeing creative interpretations like this, and Budget Direct doesn’t skip on detail so make sure you give these pics a close look. That doesn’t mean we ever want to see these seven mad-scientist monsters in real life, however. Well, maybe one or two.

Click through the slides above to see what we mean.

Source:  Budget Direct


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