Warning: When the folks watching this stunt react to the jump with some NSFW language. Keep that in mind, if it matters where you watch this clip. 

The Hoonigan shop in California is a wonderland of automotive goodness, and there's always something new to see. In a new video, Michael Cox from TerraCrew shows up in his highly modified 1991 Ford Bronco. It's a wild machine that's capable of some very impressive stunts.  

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Cox's Bronco packs Corvette-sourced V8 with a bizarre eight-into-one exhaust layout that exits out of the passenger side front fender. It looks weird but sounds absolutely dastardly. The SUV also packs a suspension with coilovers that he claims are nearly 30 years old. He bought the parts from a guy in a strip club parking lot. The front wheels with off-road tires feature an absurd amount of camber, too. 

Cox originally built his Bronco as a pre-runner for blasting through the desert. However, he has recently started racing the SUV, too. 

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This Bronco has some peculiarities, but the weirdness definitely doesn't hurt the SUV's performance. To prove what his rig can do, Cox stacks a double-decker stack of ramps at the Hoonigan shop and does some jumps. The Bronco just seems to hang in the air off the ramp in a way that makes the SUV appear to defy physics. 

As a final flourish, Cox takes the Bronco for a jump over a buddy in a beat-up BMW doing a burnout. There just needs to be fireworks going off to make this a perfect Fourth of July celebration of American automotive excess. Bravo.

Source: The Hoonigans via YouTube

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