Adrian Zaugg and Team Vulindlela's Confidence Boosted After Winning Australian A1 GP Ahead of Home Race in Durban, South Africa

Adrian Zaugg (21) gave A1 Team South Africa its second A1 victory of the season when he romped to victory in 1h12:00.930 at the Sydney Eastern Creek Raceway in Australia.

Switzerland’s Neel Jani came second, almost 20 seconds later, while Great Brit Robbie Kerr wound up the podium. The Australian leg of the A1 GP race was a tough one, with extremely wet conditions dominating the scene.

Zaugg said afterwards: “I have to thank Humphrey my engineer and the whole team for that call. I could see I was able to go at a better pace than at least Robbie and Neel, so I thought we had a good chance. We stayed out and put in some good laps and then pitted and got out ahead. It was very very hard in these conditions. Each time I was trying to get a move or to pass someone but when you come so close the visibility gets so bad you can't see anything. It was just safer to wait until we got a chance for some clear laps and that's all we did. The track conditions stayed pretty consistent but there was maybe a little less rain right at the end.”

Although still quite a long way from F1, interest in the “world cup of motor racing” has grown over the past year after an initial slump. The next races take place between 22 and 24 February in the coastal city of Durban, South Africa, where the race is held on the streets ala Monaco.

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