Another day, another Porsche diesel speculation. Earlier this month, we heard about the company’s plans to ditch the diesel engine entirely, but just a couple of days after that it was confirmed the new Cayenne will eventually receive a compression ignition motor. Now, it is reported that the SUV’s smaller brother, the Macan, could also get a diesel unit.

Quoting Porsche sales chief, Detlev von Platen, Automotive News says the facelifted version of the Macan, which is scheduled to arrive later this year, might get the same diesel engine as the Cayenne.

"We're not saying that we are exiting [diesel]," von Platen commented. "Presently, the planning process foresees one for the Cayenne and probably for the Macan, too. For the SUV models, it makes sense where customers want range and torque."

As far as the Cayenne diesel is concerned, von Platen confirmed it is coming "likely in the course of this year." The car is currently on hold until the furor caused by the diesel-emissions scandal dies down.”

2019 Porsche Macan facelift spy photo
2019 Porsche Macan facelift spy photo

Porsche has never developed diesel engines and is never going to do it. According to von Platen, the powertrain’s importance to the brand is not high.

"It was never extremely relevant. Only about 14 percent of the 246,000 cars we sell worldwide are a diesel. We see big demand for our plug-in hybrids, especially with the latest generation, now that its electric range was extended to 31 miles (50 kilometers). That plays a big role."

Indeed, Porsche customers are increasingly interested in electrified models. Roughly half of Panamera sales are hybrids, versus only 15 percent for the diesel-powered model. A hybrid Macan is expected to join the range next year, so it’s probably only a matter of time before the electrified version dominates the model’s overall sales.

Source: Automotive News

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