This Bimmer concept sure is beautiful.

The revival of the BMW 8 Series is a big move for BMW. The nameplate hasn’t been on the market since 1999, but now nearly 10 years later, the large, luxurious coupe is poised for a comeback. In fact, we’ve already seen the race-ready 8 Series GTE take to the track, putting to use its most efficient racing engine ever

But one designer believes that BMW could expand its sporty lineup even further. Dejan Hristov has digitally imagined what he called the GCS – or Gran Coupe S. The concept draws a number of cues from modern BMW concepts like the 8 Series, but was inspired wholly by the iconic BMW 2800 CS, which was built 50 years ago in 1968.

BMW GCS: Die Front
BMW GCS: Die Seitenansicht
BMW GCS: Das Heck

Using elements from the classic CS on which the concept is based, the GCS is retro beautiful. Features like the long, sloping hood in particular draw similarities to the classic coupe, while the front fascia retains its signature BMW dual kidney grille, crafting the look into a unique and futuristic style, integrated directly with the sleek LED headlights.

Overall the body perorations are stunning. A long, sloping roofline, aggressive wheels, and sleek headlights and taillights give the rendering an appropriate sporty look. The designer gives little in the way of performance details, but suggests unique add-ons like an active air vent control in the front grille and lower vents, a 180-degree camera in place of side mirrors, and a modern interior with plenty of screens.

The concept is undoubtedly creative, and though it may not make its way to product, we always have the 8 Series to look forward to. Rumor has it that the 8 Series could make its debut as early as next month in Geneva. We’ll have to wait on an official word from BMW to find out for sure.

Source: Dejan Hristov / Behance

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