Renault will unveil the EZ-GO concept at this year's Geneva Motor Show. So far, the company only has an ultra-brief teaser video for the video, but it appears to be a mostly glass pod for transporting people autonomously. The design seems to be vaguely futuristic with lots of brushed metal and shiny surfaces.


The French brand's description doesn't offer many more details about the EZ-GO. The firm says that the concept imagines the company's "vision of shared urban mobility" and promises the model is "driverless, electric, and connected."  

The automaker also teases that the EZ-GO is a natural followup to last year's Symbioz concept (see gallery below). The model was a stylish five-door hatchback that imagined motoring in 2030. The autonomous five-door hatchback had two electric motors – both at the rear – and a 72-kilowatt-hour battery occupied the area underneath the floor. The setup produced an impressive 671 horsepower (500 kilowatts) and 487 pound-feet (660 Newton-meters) of torque. It also offered a 311-mile (500-kilometer) range. In self-driving mode, the interior adapted by automatically retracting the dashboard and pivoted the seats into a more comfortable position. 

Gallery: Renault Symbioz Concept official images

Renault's partners at Nissan have been putting major investments into creating autonomous technology. For example, the firm will begin testing a fleet of self-driving variants of the Leaf in Yokohama, Japan, beginning in March under a program called Easy Ride. The vehicles will only be available to specific participants at first, but the firm will expand the pilot program to more folks later.

In more controlled environments, the Leaf is already driving itself. Nissan uses these robotic vehicles as haulers at its factory in Oppama, Japan. 

Source: Renault

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Geneva International Motor Show: Renault unveils its vision of shared urban mobility

At Geneva International Motor Show, Renault will unveil its vision of shared urban mobility; driverless, electric and connected. 

After introducing last year its vision of personal owned mobility with Symbioz Concept, Renault completes today with EZ-GO Concept its vision of the future of mobility, based on both car ownership and shared mobility options.