Retromobile 2008, the biggest French classic car event, reaches its 33rd edition praising women and cars

The Retromobile, the most important classic auto show in France, reaches its 33rd edition next February 8, 2008. This year the theme of the event will be cars and women (we could not think of a better one ourselves). The idea is to show how they have participated in one another’s history and the relationship they have. Given that Bertha Benz once rode her husband’s tricycle from Mannheim to Pforzheim, with her two children, to show it was reliable and safe, and that this tricycle was the 1886 Benz, considered to be the first automobile of the world, this relationship could be responsible for the very existence of the car.

Besides presenting to the public how cars and women have highlighted each other as time went by, the Retromobile will have many other nice attractions, such as the 60th anniversary of the Citroen 2 CV. The French automaker will present historical models of the 2 CV, such as a 1939 TPV prototype, a 1950 unit and the last 2 CV produced in the French factory of Levallois in 1988 (the 2 CV production ceased definitely in Portugal, in July, 1990). Pretty appropriate, as Citroen is said to be recreating its most significant success in all times (3,800,000 units in 41 years of production), as well as Fiat has done with the 500.

Since we have mentioned the small Italian wonder, Fiat will also present historical models of the old 500, the same ones that were responsible for building its successful career. The 500 was a revolutionary and expensive vehicle for the time, considering its size and equipments, so Fiat had to attract buyers appealing to something else: sportiness. In the Retromobile, the Italian automaker will show the 500 Sport, the D and the Abarth. Coincidence or not, it is also expected to present soon the Sport and the Abarth versions of the new 500.

For the ones able to visit Paris from February 8 to 17, 2008, at the Porte de Versailles, the Retromobile will offer many more to see, such as the 30 years of the BMW M1, the car collection of Jean-Pierre Foucault, a very known French TV host, the Aerotrain, a predecessor to the TGV, a little piece of the motorcycle’s history and a classic car ride from the Eiffel Tower to the Porte de Versailles with jewels like the Facel Vega and the Benz 1886 replica. In times were new cars seek inspiration in the classics, this event may present more news than regular auto shows!

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