Maybe if people bought more V12 supercars instead of SUVs, we could have machines like this.

When the big BMW 8 Series debuted in the 1990s, it was simultaneously awesome, and if we’re honest, a bit disappointing. There were some maintenance issues, and though it offered a thundering V12, we never got the hardcore M variant we always wanted. The new 8 Series – which should finally be revealed in full very shortly – has rekindled global excitement for the grand tourer. This rendering, however, turns that flame into a full-blown nuclear meltdown of biblical proportions.



This particular rendering is the product of Rain Prisk on Facebook, and for starters, yes we know this model isn’t a typical choice for a mid-engine design. We even suspect there might be some 8 Series purists out there who will readily debate such a point, but allow us a moment to appeal to your automotive heart light. Just look at this car. Would you feel better if it was called M1? Honestly, it could be called the Yugo GV-R for all we care. We’d still drive it until it ran out of fuel, then we’d sleep in it until someone brought a tanker truck.

Other cool renders:

What really impresses us about this rendering is just how well the 8 Series look is captured and translated to a mid-engine design. It can be so easy for designers to go over-the-top on wings and vents, but aside from the sizable front splitter (which still isn’t what we’d call crazy) there isn’t a single part of this car we don’t like.

Someone needs to make sure BMW execs in Munich see this. Yes, SUVs are selling like crazy right now, but not everyone wants to stare down an expansive chrome grille on an X7. Mercedes-Benz as the Project One, Audi as the R8. We think a proper successor to the M1 is long overdue.

Source:  Rain Prisk via Facebook

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