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The BMW X6 is from the get-go that type of car that will always spark controversy because of its unusual exterior merging the tall body of an SUV with the swoopy roofline of a coupe. BMW is largely considered as being the father of the coupe-SUV craze, currently spreading all over the automotive world like a disease. Like it or not, the oddity is here to stay and tuners have already warmed up to the idea of modifying these unusual vehicles.

Next-gen X6 coming:

Case in point, several aftermarket specials have come together to try and make the second-generation X6 even more of an attention-grabber, though not necessarily in a good way. Starting off with the torquetastic M50d, the tuners covered the entire body with a vinyl wrap dubbed as having a “black chrome” look complemented by a few black accents for some of the panels.

The mirrored chrome vinyl makes the BMW X6 stand out even more than the usual, while the massive 22-inch wheels are playing the very same role. Corroborated with wider wheel arches and suspension lowering springs brining the SAV closer to the road, the coupe-ified SUV is anything but conventional.

BMW X6 M50d by Fostla
BMW X6 M50d by Fostla

PP-Performance worked on the tri-turbodiesel, six-cylinder 3.0-liter engine because obviously the 740 Newton-meters (546 pound-feet) of torque weren’t enough. The upgrade has boosted output to a mountain-moving 845 Nm (623 lb-ft), while increasing horsepower from the series 376 hp (280 kW) to 437 hp (326 kW).

Performance numbers have not been released, but it’s easy to imagine it needs less than the 5.2 seconds it takes for the regular model to hit 62 mph (100 kph). There’s also no word about top speed, though the diesel monster exits the gates of the Spartanburg factory in South Carolina with an electronic limiter programmed to kick in at 155 mph (250 kph).

All-in, these aftermarket bits and pieces will set you back approximately €19,000 on top of the €94,400 BMW wants at home in Germany for the X6 M50d.

Source: Fostla

Gallery: BMW X6 M50d by Fostla

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In addition to the already existing partnership with PP-Performance, BRABUS and STARTECH, in Hannover most recently represents HAMANN as well. As a result of the cooperation with various reputable tuning companies, now, the clientele has the opportunity to let implement diverse upgrade concepts to their vehicles individually – and all from one source!
Today’s test object is none less then an already stunning BMW X6 M50d F16, means six cylinders with a three liter capacity engine. The team applied a full vinyl wrap in Black-Chrome at first. The “highlights” on the roof, mirror, door handles and at the diffuser in Black-Brushed, as well as the window tinting are definitively worthy of mention.

With regard to the exterior, the wheel-tire-combination – the crew avail themselves from the HAMANN assortment - is virtually eye-catching. It consists of HAMANN rims Anniversary Evo II Black Line in 10,5x22 offset40 with tires in the dimensions 295/30 R22 on the front axle and 12x22 offset28 with 335/25 R22 on the rear axle, plus HAMANN spacer discs. The installed HAMANN wheel panels function as fender flares and the HAMANN lowering springs are providing the requested effect.

Eventually, the power unit with its original data of 381 PS and 740 Nm had to endure a PP-Performance power upgrade of phase 1 at in combination with a BMC high-performance air filter. Now, 443 PS and 845 Nm are freely available. The total fees for this upgrade are approximately 19.000 EUR.

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