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Rumors of a high-performance F version of Lexus’ stunning LC coupe have been swirling around the World Wide Web for a long time, but officially, the car doesn’t exist. Contrary to popular belief, the LC F hasn’t received the proverbial stamp of approval just yet from the company’s execs, though the high-ranked officials did reveal at the beginning of the year the car is seriously being considered.

An interesting right-hand-drive prototype has been spotted by a reader of Lexus Enthusiast in a parking lot in California to fuel those rumors about an LC F. That being said, it’s impossible to know for sure just by looking at these two spy shots depicting a test vehicle that seemed to have a mildly reworked spindle grille and updated front vents.

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Sitting very close to the road, the LC prototype had black bumpers and side skirts (unless that's actually camouflage) and a black tape around the greenhouse. What looks like a small camera duct-taped to the roof is likely an ambient temperature sensor as seen before on many test vehicles, used to measure the ambient temperature around the car.

If we’re indeed looking at an early LC F, underneath that long hood could reside a newly developed biturbo 4.0-liter V8 with an estimated 621 horsepower (463 kilowatts). Aside from gaining more muscle, the coupe is allegedly set to lose some weight as a result of using carbon-fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). With the LC 500 tipping the scales at a hefty 4,280 pounds (1,941 kilograms), a diet would be more than welcome.

But if this isn’t the LC F, what else could it be? Well, one plausible scenario is Lexus has plans for an F Sport version. Either way, it looks like Toyota’s premium marque has something in tow for its swoopy coupe, which we already know will lose its roof in a couple of years for a convertible version.

Photos: Lexus Enthusiast

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