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Anyone who deals with toll roads or bridges during daily commuting will attest to the frustration it can cause. Many areas now offer some kind of electronic pass that eliminates the stopping and starting, allowing drivers to pass either at a slower speed, or sometimes without slowing down at all. Those systems generally require some kind of add-on device on the car’s windshield, but now Audi is set to launch the first integrated toll system for people in the United States.

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It’s called the Integrated Toll Module (ITM), and it expands on current vehicle-to-infrastructue technology currently available in select Audi vehicles. In short, the ITM is built into the rearview mirror and functions as a transponder that can connect with toll systems. The automaker isn’t specific on details, but the ITM is said to work with existing tolling agencies throughout the U.S. as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. Drivers can adjust the device settings using Audi’s Multi Media Interface (MMI) system, and the ITM can be registered with existing toll accounts.

This device is the latest step in an automotive landscape that’s becoming increasingly connected. Numerous automakers are integrating Amazon Alexa into cars, providing voice control functionality for everything from honking the horn to remote-starting the car while sitting in the house. Cadillac integrated vehicle-to-vehicle communication tech as standard equipment last March on its CTS sedan, effectively allowing the car to “talk” with other connected cars to provide driver alerts on potentially hazardous situations.

GM Marketplace

More recently, General Motors announced a new Marketplace app for its cars that would allow people to literally shop while driving. The feature (pictured above) drew harsh criticism from numerous sources including a prominent safety group that felt shopping while driving might be a distraction.

Audi says its ITM system will be available later this year on select vehicles.

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Audi launches first vehicle-integrated toll technology for the US


  • Audi is first automaker to launch a vehicle-integrated toll payment technology on select vehicles this year
  • Integrated toll module (ITM) expands brand’s offering of available vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity solutions
  • System compatibility includes toll roads in U.S., Canada and Mexico

HERNDON, Virginia, February 21, 2018 – Beginning later this year, Audi of America will expand its vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology offering with the launch of a vehicle-integrated toll payment technology on select vehicles. The Integrated Toll Module, or ITM, is a toll transponder built into the vehicle's rearview mirror, allowing drivers to access toll roads in the U.S. and in parts of Canada and Mexico.

ITM is yet another Audi first in vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology, allowing the car to communicate and interact with its environment.

For Audi owners, ITM provides an added layer of convenience and aesthetic enhancement. The mirror-based toll payment solution gives convenient access to the country’s toll roads while helping to eliminate windscreen clutter and the need to manage multiple toll accounts. Drivers will be able to adjust module settings through the vehicle’s MMI – including turning the ITM on/off and changing the occupant settings for HOV/HOT lanes.

The ITM was developed for Audi by Gentex Corporation, which supplies automatic-dimming mirrors for all Audi vehicles. The ITM technology is compatible with existing tolling agencies nationwide and can be registered with a driver’s current account, new account, or a nationwide tolling account.

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