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Custom trailers aren’t what you’d call commonplace, but neither are they a new concept. At some point most of us have probably seen an old pickup truck bed repurposed for towing duties. For someone who is decent with a welder such a conversion isn’t that complicated, and with tail lights already installed, wiring is minimal.

Such creations generally aren’t that artistic, however, which brings us to this video of an older Audi RS4 Avant towing another RS4 Avant. Or rather, it’s towing part of an RS4, and it’s a complete match right down to twin exhaust pipes out the back. We know absolutely nothing about this curious project, save that both the tow vehicle and the trailer stem from the B5 generation built in the late 1990s through 2001. And oh yeah, it’s insanely awesome.

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Audi RS4 Avant With Custom Trailer
Audi RS4 Avant With Custom Trailer

The video comes from Carspotter Jeroen on YouTube, and we assume the car was en route to a meet of some kind as we catch glimpses of other delectable performance rides in the short clip. We can also see a sticker in the back window of the trailer for Botter Tuning, something the video description mentions as well. We don’t know what’s done to the car, but it certainly sounds healthy passing by the camera. The build for the trailer looks great, if slightly awkward with short front doors. It must be easy to pull, however, because the clip ends with the rig blasting down a busy road before diving across multiple lanes of traffic.

Similar custom creations show up from time-to-time in the auto world, especially with folks who tend to accumulate parts cars during project builds. That can be especially true when the vehicles involved have a tendency to, how shall we say, require extra mechanical attention? We’re not saying a B5 Audi has a sketchy reliability record – pretty much everyone else has already said it anyway. But we can absolutely see someone venting anger over such a build by going a bit nuts and cutting a car in half. Making it into a cool trailer though, that's the kind of mad automotive science we love.

Source:  Carspotter Jeroen via YouTube

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