McLaren Newport Beach, the brand's largest dealer in the United States, commissioned McLaren Special Operations to create 10 cars that adapted the look of the 570S GT4 to the road and dubbed the model the MSO X. When it came time to deliver these special vehicles, the company hosted quite a party for the buyers. While most folks aren't fortunate enough to get one of these motorsport-inspired coupes, a new video provides a glimpse inside the experience of taking delivery of one. 

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While MSO only built 10 of these cars, the McLaren Newport Beach opened the on-track portion of its celebration up to even more McLaren owners. Later, the new MSO X owners got to have a meal with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The MSO X features exterior modifications to the 570S like dive planes in the corners, extra intakes in the hood, a functional roof-mounted air intake, and a tall wing, allegedly capable of producing 220 pounds (100 kilograms) of downforce. A titanium exhaust shaves off weight and further improves the howl from the biturbo 3.8-liter V8. Inside, there's a racing-inspired mix of exposed carbon fiber and Alcantara upholstery. The coupe is suitable for work both on the road and covering the track with interior amenities like six-point harnesses, parking sensors, and air conditioning.

MSO painted the cars to emulate past liveries of McLaren endurance racers, particularly the McLaren F1 GTR. However, the designs keep the similarities quite subtle. Rather than precisely replicate the motorsport designs, each MSO X wears a color over most of its body, and there's a contrasting shade for the stripes. Satin-finished carbon fiber punctuates the look. The mix creates a unified look for the whole run of special editions.

Source: McLaren Newport Beach via YouTube

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