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We are less than two weeks away from the highly anticipated unveiling of the four-door Mercedes-AMG model confusingly referred to as a coupe by the officials from Affalterbach. It seems there’s still some winter testing necessary to put the finishing touches on what will essentially be a direct replacement for the now defunct CLS 63. Our spies were at the right place at the right time to catch on camera a whole fleet of near-production prototypes that were being benchmarked against the nemesis from Stuttgart: Porsche’s Panamera.


One of the test vehicles stands out from the pack because of its NFS-approved body wrap with green flames in hot rod fashion, which may or not may be a sign it’s a little bit hotter than the others. While the ones covered in the usual black and white camo don’t have that big spoiler at the back, previous spy shots have shown other cars rocking a virtually identical aerodynamic aid.

At first you might think the car will be based on the two-door GT Coupe, but it’s not actually going to be the case as the four-door AMG will use the underpinnings of the CLS, which in turn is largely based on the E-Class. Needless to say, everything will be stiffened up a bit to lend the Panamera fighter a sportier vibe and at the same time make it worthy of its premium over the hybridized Mercedes-AMG CLS 53.

Multiple versions of the model are bound to be offered, all of which are expected to share the biturbo 4.0-liter V8. A hybrid flavor with an electrified variant of the same powertrain will serve as the crown jewel of the range with roughly 800 horsepower on tap, but it won’t be available from day one.

As a reminder, Mercedes will unveil the yet unnamed sports sedan (technically, it’s a hatchback / liftback) on March 6 on the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show’s press day. Here’s hoping an online revel will occur a few days sooner since the anticipation is killing us.

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