The special delivery includes 90 minutes of track time and a classy lunch at Restaurant 917.

Most automakers offer some kind of special delivery service for select high-end or high-performance models. Porsche is no different, except it will grant such an experience for every model offered, from an entry-level Macan SUV to the new 911 GT3 RS. Moreover, the process at Porsche is more than just a factory tour and a special photo-op – its New Vehicle Delivery program gives buyers the full VIP treatment, and that special service is now available on the West Coast at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles.

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What all does this new vehicle delivery entail? Porsche calls it an immersive experience that starts with an in-depth vehicle orientation, conducted one-on-one with a specialist. To further help ensure new owners understand just what they’re getting themselves into, Porsche will send them out on a proper race track for a 90-minute session that includes eight levels of driver instruction. Rather than subject new cars to such a workout, however, the training is done in manufacturer-provided rides that match the delivery vehicle.

Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles
Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles

Provided everything goes off without a hitch – and that buyers aren’t nauseous from thrashing around a race track – the event is capped with a snazzy lunch for the new car owner and a guest at Restaurant 917. As you may guess, the restaurant echoes the Porsche race car of the same name and is located in the company’s L.A. Experience Center.

Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles
Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles

In addition to this California location, Porsche also conduct deliveries at Experience Centers in Germany at Leipzig, in France at Le Mans, and at Silverstone in England. There’s also a second U.S. location in Atlanta, where Porsche says more than 500 deliveries have occurred since 2016.

As for the L.A. Experience Center, the first new Porsche delivery – a 911 Turbo S – already took place on February 20. Considering Porsche says roughly 25 percent of all its U.S. sales are in California, it could become a very busy place.

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Porsche Expands New Vehicle Delivery to Los Angeles Experience Center