The new Kia Ceed was only just revealed a few days ago and hasn’t even made its first public appearance yet. That will come soon enough at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, but thanks to X-Tomi Design we already have renders of the popular hatchback (now spelled without the apostrophe) in both a wagon and fastback guise.


Kia Ceed Fastback Render
Kia Ceed Wagon Render

Actually, Kia has said there will be four additional models for the Ceed in the months and years to come and one of them is indeed a wagon slated to appear shortly in Geneva. There’s no guarantee it will look like the render above, but with an elongated backside and a loving curve to the side glass we can hope the new model is close to what we see here. As for the fastback, that will probably be a flight-of-fancy exclusively relegated to the imagination.

Or could it come to life?

We do know that Kia will have the standard five-door and wagon, and we’ve also learned that a Ceed crossover is coming eventually. To liven things up, a Ceed GT hot hatchback is also on its way that should launch before the crossover, but none of these submodels necessarily lend themselves to a fastback shape.

There is one more Ceed variant coming, however, that could translate to something resembling this attractive fastback – a production version of the elegant Proceed concept we saw back in 2017. In concept form the Proceed adopted more of a shooting brake appearance with its longer front fenders, but making the transition to production could well lead to a suave shape not unlike the fastback we see above. We're totally okay with that.

In the meantime, we’ll be getting to know the new Ceed on a better level at Geneva and behind the wheel with a first drive, all of which will be coming soon.

Source:  X-Tomi Design

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