Fresh off the debut of the new Volvo V60 wagon, the Swedish carmaker has already confirmed plans for its next product. The S60 sedan will be the latest Volvo to go under the knife, being one of the few vehicles in the range that hasn’t yet received the same dramatic transformation found on offerings like the XC90, S90, and new V60, among others.


Lex Kerssemakers, a Volvo senior vice president, confirmed in an interview with Roadshow that the new S60 will be coming soon. Interestingly enough, the sedan will be shown for the first time in South Carolina, as opposed to the V60’s debut in Volvo’s home country of Sweden. While South Carolina may seem like a strange location for a debut, it makes sense – Volvo's new American manufacturing facility is located in Berkeley County.

Design-wise, expect many of the same cues found on the V60 wagon to carry over. Our own rendering artists have attempted to imagine the look of the new S60 well before its debut (pictured below); here’s hoping it looks halfway as good as that. 

2019 Volvo S60 render
2018 Volvo V60

Apart from styling, the two vehicles are also expected to share a number of new components mechanically, including powertrains. The new V60 comes with two plug-in hybrid powertrain options, including a T6 Twin Engine AWD setup that generates 340 horsepower (253 kilowatts), and a T8 Twin Engine AWD setup that delivers 390 hp (290 kW) and 472 pound-feet (639 Newton-meters) of torque. 

As for the S60, the current version has been on the market since 2010, so it’s well overdue for an overhaul. The aging sedan uses a range of different engines, including a base T5 engine that produces 240 hp (178 kW) and 250 lb-ft (338 Nm) of torque, as well as a more powerful T6 engine that produces 302 hp (225 kW). If it’s speed you’re after, the S60 Polestar puts to use a T6 engine to produce 362 hp (269 kW); here’s hoping the new model will see the same go-fast treatment.

Expect to see the new and improved Volvo S60 this summer. The V60, meanwhile, will be shown in just a few weeks at the Geneva Motor Show.

Source: Roadshow

Gallery: Volvo S60 Polestar

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