Find out what's new on the facelifted Genesis, and check out the new pics, inside.

Now three years into production of the first-generation model, designers are hard at work developing the facelifted version of the Hyundai Genesis sedan.  Several changes can be seen on the car, which was testing in a warm region of the States.

Spotted on the car is a brand new set of headlights, along with what appears to be changes to the grille and bumper.  Fog lights also look to be getting a refresher.  In back, we can see a new set of taillights, as indicated by a thinner strip of white reflective material with red tint along the top and bottom of the cluster.

The car also looks to get a more square bumper, with two rectangluar exhaust tailpipes set in at the bottom.  Inside, the spy caught a pic of the gear shifter covered up with a cloth.  The spy believes this is meant to disguise the car's new eight-speed automatic transmission.

We are not 100 percent certain of the car's engine choices, as a new 400-horsepower (298-kW) 5.0-liter V8 may be on the way to replace the 368-hp (274-kW) 4.6-liter V8.  The facelifted Genesis will likely still utilize the current 3.8-liter V6 that kicks out 290 hp (216 kW).

Hyundai Genesis Facelift spied with new headlights