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After a couple of massive leaks, the Ferrari 488 Pista is finally here to steer you away from buying a Porsche 911 GT2 RS. All the juicy numbers that emerged onto the web yesterday can be found in the official press release, so you’re looking at a much more powerful and substantially lighter version of the 488 GTB.

Without further ado, the new Pista (Italian for “track”) was sent to Maranello’s gym and managed to shave off a whopping 90 kilograms (198 pounds). It now has a dry weight of only 1,280 kg (2,822 lbs), provided the car is fitted with all the available optional lightweight goodies.


Check out what Ferrari owners themselves are saying about the new 488 Pista at

After losing all that fat, it then started to bulk up by adding 50 horsepower for a grand total of 711 hp (530 kW), representing “the largest ever increase in engine power for a special series car,” according to the company. The most powerful V8 engine in Ferrari history, the biturbo 3.9-liter has also gained 10 Newton-meters (7 pound-feet) of torque over the GTB and it now offers a mountain-moving 770 Nm (568 lb-ft).

And now for the really juicy numbers, the Pista needs only 2.85 seconds to hit 62 mph (100 kph) from a standstill and will run from 0 to 124 mph (200 kph) in 7.6 seconds en route to a maximum speed in excess of 211 mph (340 kph). For the sake of comparison, the GTB needs 3 seconds until 100 kph, 8.3 seconds until 200 kph, and tops out at 205 mph (330 kph).

Putting to good use the knowledge gained in the FIA World Endurance Championship, Ferrari’s engineers borrowed a thing or two from the 488 GTE and the 488 Challenge race cars when developing the new road-going 488 Pista to boost its downforce by 20 percent compared to the regular GTB. Compared to the latter, the new hardcore version also sounds more aggressive and louder in all gears as well as throughout the entire rpm range.

We will get to see the Ferrari 488 Pista in the metal beginning with March 6 at the 88th Geneva Motor Show.

Check out what Ferrari owners themselves are saying about the new 488 Pista at

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Geneva unveiling for exhilarating, high-performance new Special Series

Maranello, 21 February 2018 – The 488 Pista, which will be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, is the successor to Ferrari’s V8-engined special series – the 360 Challenge Stradale, 430 Scuderia and 458 Speciale – which have received critical acclaim for their performance and undiluted handling.

The Ferrari 488 Pista marks a significant step forward from the previous special series in terms of both sporty dynamics and for the level of technological carry-over from racing. The name is, in fact, a direct homage to Ferrari’s unparalleled heritage in motor sports.

The car’s development evolved directly from the company’s involvement in the FIA World Endurance Championship – in which it has won five Manufacturers’ titles in the GTE class in the six years since the series’ inception – and its 25 years’ experience in running the Ferrari Challenge one-make series.

The 488 Pista’s extensive weight saving solutions, along with engine, vehicle dynamics and aerodynamic developments, all derive from Ferrari’s racing cars: the 488 GTE and the 488 Challenge. The result is a car with an uncompromising mission: to offer impeccable track-like performance on and off the road, even when in the hands of non-professional drivers.


The new model weighs an impressive 90 kg less (1280 kg dry) than the 488 GTB. This fact, combined with the largest ever increase in engine power for a special series car (+50 cv), sets a new benchmark for Ferrari’s V8 sports cars.
Its engine is the most powerful V8 in Ferrari history and is an extreme evolution of the turbo unit that won the overall International Engine of the Year award titles in both 2016 and 2017.

It punches out 720 cv with the highest specific output of in its class (185 cv/l) and is now lighter too, thanks to solutions adopted from the 488 Challenge. As a result it has a top speed of 340 km/h and sprints from 0-100 km/h in 2.85” and 0 -200 km/h in 7.6”.

The engine sound is unique and unmistakably Ferrari, as such a special car warrants. Both the sound quality and the intensity are higher than the 488 GTB in all gears and at all engine speeds in proportion with the progressive increase in power.


The 488 Pista makes full use of Ferrari’s motor-sports experience for maximum aerodynamic performance even on the road. Among the racing solutions adopted is the front F1-inspired S-Duct and the design of the front diffusers which feature a ramp angle that was optimised for the 488 GTE to create strong suction for increased downforce. Additionally, the rear blown spoiler is higher and longer and the shape has been optimised. The final result of all these interventions is an impressive 20% increase in downforce compared to the 488 GTB.


The vehicle dynamics were designed to enhance driving pleasure and make the car’s full potential available to all drivers, professional or otherwise. The objective was to make the car’s performance on the limit easier to reach and control.
This was achieved by synergies between the development of the mechanical set-up and the electronic dynamic controls integrated into version 6 of the Side-Slip Angle Control system. SSC 6.0 incorporates all the following systems: E-Diff3, F1-Trac, the magnetorheological suspension (SCM) and, for the first time ever, the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer. The FDE features a world-first: it uses Ferrari software to adjust the brake pressure at the callipers.


The design of the 488 Pista is focussed on functional aerodynamic concepts while the cockpit is pared back in keeping with its very sporty vocation. Ferrari Design used innovative elements, such as the aerodynamic S-Duct at the front, as an opportunity to visually shorten the car’s nose, creating an original floating wing effect.

The racing livery colour scheme is an integral part of the design of the car and the way it dives into the S-Duct underscores the berlinetta’s compact yet imposing forms. Contrasting edging on the aerodynamic elements on the bumpers and flanks add structure to the design.

The concept of the front is echoed in the dolphin-tail rear spoiler which appears suspended to provide an impression lightness and efficiency, while the rear volumes add a sense of power to the tail.

Ferrari 488 Pista
Short technical specifications

Type V8 – 90° twin turbo
Overall displacement 3902 cm3
Max. power output * 530 kW (720 cv) at 8000 rpm
Max. torque * 770 Nm at 3000 rpm in 7th gear

Length 4605 mm
Width 1975 mm
Height 1206 mm
Dry weight ** 1280 kg

0-100 km/h 2.85 s
0 -200 km/h 7.6 s
Max. Speed > 340 km/h

Under homologation

* With 98 octane petrol
**With optional lightweight features

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