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We only just spied the next-generation Audi S6 Avant for the first time a couple weeks ago. However, we’ve seen camouflaged prototypes of the A6 sedan and wagon for some time now. A new hardcore RS6 is pretty much a given, though we probably won’t see it for some time after the A6 is revealed. Fortunately, there are some talented individuals out there who can’t wait for such things, hence these extraordinary renders of what Ingolstadt’s next super wagon might look like.


The renders come from Laurent Schmidt, and they’re simply amazing. It gets better though, because in case you didn’t notice at the top of the page, the renders are also part of a freaking video Schmidt put together to show the next-gen RS6 Avant in action. Schmidt scrutinized the many spy photos of the new A6 to suss out details, and naturally took some design cues from current Audi models to create these stunning renders. If the final product from Audi is as spicy as this red-and-ready render, we’ll just say family transportation never looked so good.

So now, the question is when we could actually get behind the wheel of this long roof? The sad answer is probably not anytime soon, though there’s a slim chance something could be in our grasp by the end of the year. We’re expecting Audi to unveil the new A6 next month at the Geneva Motor Show, but that doesn’t mean we’ll see the new Avant there as well. Following standard protocol, we’d expect to see the S6 debut later this year, with an RS6 reveal coming later still. We’ve already caught the S6 Avant testing but a new RS6 in prototype form as thus far eluded us.

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Whether the RS6 appears before the end of 2018 or (more likely) in 2019, it should be quite the machine. The next-generation A6 will ride on the MLB Evo platform which offers more room while also being lighter than the current model. Considering the current RS6 Avant already packs 605 horsepower (451 kilowatts) under the hood, more power in a lighter package should be, in a word, epic.

Source: Laurent Schmidt, 2

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