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The Honda HR-V has all of the qualities that make a good CUV; it's sensible, efficient, affordable, and not offensive to look at. But what if Honda decided to take its next-generation HR-V in a dramatic new direction? Inspired by retro Honda styling and modern concepts like the Sports EV, designer Navneeth Kannan has come up with a unique take on the HR-V that transforms the CUV from sedated to stylish.

With a focus on the "urban nomad lifestyle," the Honda HRV concept ditches the dash, as well as some of the basic features that make the factory version so road friendly. Instead the vehicle adds a few welcomed off-road cues, as well as more space in the cabin, and a platform more readily equipped with options. 

Honda HRV Rendering
Honda HRV Rendering
Honda HRV Rendering

With a more chiseled look, the HRV concept draws similarities not only to vehicles like the Sports EV, but also the Urban EV, and other SUV concepts before it. The front portion of the vehicle features a large plastic fascia, two rounded headlights, and a single LED light bar located at the base of the bumper. Nearly all of those same design cues can be found on the rear, including the large black bumper feature, rounded taillights, and a matching LED light bar. 

The side mirrors have been replaced with cameras, which are located just behind the rugged front fenders. Ride height has been improved significantly over the current model, and there’s plenty of added visibility in the cabin thanks to the inclusion of a wraparound windshield, and a larger rear window. 

Gallery: Honda HRV Rendering

Kennan says his HRV concept is "perfect for short weekend trips," and is able to provide "maximum livability in minimum space." The inclusion of features like a pop-up roof, rear suicide doors, and a split tailgate further proves that the HRV concept is ready for any adventure. Theoretically, of course.

Source: Navneeth Kannan / Behance

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