The video of both cars on a track isn't bad, either.

It wasn’t too long ago that people might scoff at a comparison between a hardcore Mercedes-Benz performance variant, and a hardcore Chevrolet performance variant. That’s especially true if the comparison was on a relatively tight course, but if you still require proof that Chevy's war horse is fully supercar capable, check out this video of a new Corvette Z06 dueling with a Mercedes-AMG GT R on a short version of L’Anneau du Rhin, a neat road course in northeast France not far from the German border.

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The video comes courtesy of sport auto on YouTube, and considering we have a pair of delectable supercars dueling with throaty V8s, it’s both a visual and auditory pleasure to behold. For the lap, both cars are wearing the same Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 ZP tires, and both are showroom stock. On paper, however, the Corvette has a significant advantage – its 6.2-liter supercharged V8 makes 650 horsepower (485 kilowatts) versus the 577 hp (430 kW) from the 4.0-liter biturbo mill in the AMG.

Corvette Z06 Vs. Mercedes-AMG GT R
Corvette Z06 Vs. Mercedes-AMG GT R

From there, it evens out. Both cars deliver power to the rear wheels, and both weight approximately 3,600 pounds (1,632 kg) so there isn’t any weight advantage. One thing to note though – the Z06 for this competition changes gears the old fashioned way with a proper manual lever and clutch pedal. The AMG GT R uses a DCT, and that could make a difference.

Corvette Z06 Vs. Mercedes-AMG GT R

We say this because, despite a considerable horsepower advantage, there’s only three tenths of a second between the two cars around the course. Could the Corvette’s extra power be tougher to handle on such a tight track? Might the the GT R have a better bite in the corners? Both cars are clearly road course superstars – in fact each one tops the McLaren 720S and Porsche 911 GT3 on sport auto’s lap board, so they are seriously quick machines. We were just expecting a bit more of a gap between the cars considering the power difference, but the Corvette did execute four manual shifts during the lap. We love rowing our own as much as any enthusiast, but the Z06 definitely can’t change gears as fast as the GT R. That alone could account for a couple tenths.

We won’t tell you exactly which car lost – that’s for the video. But with the sights and the sounds of these two awesome machines dancing for two minutes, everyone watching is a winner.

Source:  sport auto via YouTube

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