Several prototypes in different colors have been caught on camera by our spies.

If you recall, the plucky compact SUV from Fiat recently received the smallest of updates for 2018. Specifically, the 500X was given some new color options and a larger touchscreen inside, so while it can technically be called an update, the 2018 model soldiered on as basically the same old, slow-selling model it was.

Lest we forget, however, that it shares a platform with the Jeep Renegade, and that SUV is slated for more than just some new exterior colors. A Renegade facelift is coming for 2019, and now we see its Fiat cousin will also get a proper mid-cycle update that goes beyond color. A new front fascia is in the works, and though heavy camo wrappings do a good job of concealing much of the action, the we can see some design changes to the running lights beneath the headlights. The lower air intake could be sporting a new shape as well.


Fiat 500X Facelift Spy Photo
Fiat 500X Facelift Spy Photo

As is often the case with updates like this, the rear fascia will also get some minor resculpting. The biggest difference we see at the backside, however, resides with an all-new tail light that could be LED in nature. The overall shape doesn’t appear to change, but the new lamps look to be a bit more stylish than the current design.

Fiat 500X Facelift Spy Photo
Fiat 500X Facelift Spy Photo

Little else is known about the 500X refresh. In the powertrain department it’s possible the unloved nine-speed automatic could get replaced with a new eight-speed box. It’s also possible Fiat could offer a 2.0-liter turbo option to make the slow-selling crossover a bit more exciting.

With the 500X and Renegade both caught testing together, it’s possible the two models are on a similar time frame for entering production. We’re expecting the new Renegade to appear this summer or in the fall, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the 500X joined it on the auto show circuit.

Source: Automedia, CarPix 

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