It was just last year when Aspark unveiled the Owl at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s an electric supercar from Japan that packs some serious performance and technology. The video, from Gigazine on YouTube, shows the Owl hitting 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in just 1.9 seconds. That’s quicker than what Tesla is claiming for the new Roadster, which Tesla says hits 60 mph (96 kph) in 1.9 seconds. The speed run begins at the 1:06 mark in the video above with verification of the car’s supercars at the 3:17 mark.

All that speed is made possible thanks to the Owl’s all-carbon bodywork. The powertrain is all electric. The car is also aerodynamic, measuring just 39 inches high. The only difference with this Owl and one you could buy is this car was fitted with slicks, which were heated for the run. The automaker wants to repeat the run with road tires in hopes of achieving the same time.

The powertrain makes a modest amount of claimed power – 430 horsepower and 563 pound-feet of torque, which is sent to all four wheels. All that carbon keeps the weight under 1,900 pounds (862 kilograms).

While the Aspark Owl is ever so slightly faster than the proposed Tesla Roadster, there is a significant price disparity. Aspark plans to build just 50 Owl supercars with each starting at €3.5 million (approximately $4.4 million). The Tesla Roadster is supposed to start at $200,000 while a limited-edition Founders Series is $250,000. Neither are exactly affordable, but the Tesla is immensely more affordable than the Owl.

The acceleration is mind-blowing. With all-electric and electric-assisted powertrains gaining popularity, performance will also increase. Right now, you may not be able to afford a quarter-million-dollar two-seat supercar, or a $4.4-million hypercar, this technology will slowly trickle down to your four-seat family hauler. Granted, it will probably aim for efficiency over performance.

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