The oddest four-star hotel in Stuttgart? Possibly. Find out about the V8 Hotel, inside.

Car fans, gearheads and nerds alike may enjoy taking a trip to Stuttgart, Germany, for a stay in the V8 Hotel.  The new inspired guesthouse features several theme rooms fit for any automotive afficionado.

The hotels rooms include many with a bed built into the chassis of classic cars, with Americana images like the Indian Motorcycles and Rebel Without A Cause paintings, and elaborate murals.  Others look more like a night at the drive-in, while some let you sleep it off under the stars.

The rooms are not all engine-themed.  The V8 Camp room looks to have a love swing hammock dangling from the ceiling, while Vision gives off the feeling of a Quantum Leap episode.  The single rooms feature a more classic Bauhaus design.

However, the Zeppelin Suite looks to be truly luxurious.  The three-story room has a spectacular deck terrace.

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