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The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is not a top speed monster, but you already know that. Throughout the lengthy Demon teaser campaign and the months following its debut, Dodge emphasized – over and over – that the Demon is a drag racer. Its maximum output of 840 horsepower (626 kilowatts) is directed towards maximum acceleration, and as we saw from a recent max-performance run at Hennessey Performance, the Demon does indeed accelerate to its factory-limited 168 mph (or as Hennessey experienced, 164 mph) top speed with considerable haste. And that run was done without the special PCM required for race fuel that comes with the Demon Crate add-on. Clearly the car is capable of more, and now we know just how much.

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The folks at Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds got their hands on a 2018 Demon that did have the racing fuel module installed, and they aimed it down 2.3 miles of unobstructed runway to see what would happen. Jalopnik talked to the team behind the speed run, which occurred back on February 10 in Florida. Aside from getting all the Demon Crate updates, they learned the drag radials were swapped with something a bit more appropriate for serious speed, in this case Pirelli P Zero rubber at all four corners. More importantly, the upgraded PCM that unlocks the 840 horses also wipes away the electronic speed limiter, so there was nothing in the way of a flat-out speed run.

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With helmets in place and cameras rolling, Johnny Bohmer opened the taps and didn’t let off until the speedo read 203 mph (326.6 km/h). Technically, the speed was recorded with Tag Heuer equipment per the video’s YouTube description, but still, 203 mph is fast in anything, never mind a Dodge Challenger. The speed was still inching up too, so there might be a little room for improvement on that figure – provided there’s enough room push the outside of the envelope. Never the less, that number stands as the current Challenger Demon record.

With that out of the way, can someone now please confirm the Demon will actually turn a 9.6-second quarter mile?

Source:  Jalopnik, Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds 


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Photo by: John Neff
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